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My Genealogy Progress

On this page, I will summarize where I am in my genealogy research.  I will also provide links to my weekly progress reports so that you are in the loop on which line I’m working on most at the moment in case you are looking for someone specific.

Below, the Summary represents the work I’ve done since I started on March 6th.  The Hints represent work I still need to do.

Overview 4-5-2017

Overview 4-5-2017


I have 137 people on my tree so far but there are 37 of those that I haven’t processed into my database yet.  I’ve attached 200 photos, 3 stories, and processed 698 records.  I still have 80 people with hints on Ancestry.com to get through, 367 hints total to process still.


My Progress So Far

In this past month, I’ve found and/or researched 100 total people on my family tree.  Of those 100 people, if I haven’t researched them yet, they are on my To Do list to be done within the next few weeks.

Progress 4-5-2017

Progress 4-5-2017


I have also discovered a total of 39 unique surnames on my family tree.  My main focus has been on the Beyl, Applegate, and Buchanan families so far.  I’ve also started delving into the Oliver line.  I’m hoping to get started more on the Black and Miller lines here pretty soon.


Weekly Reports

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