Weekly Recap – September 29 – October 5 2019

How Did I Do This Week?


I felt like I processed a lot of hints this week, but it seems my numbers grew quite a bit!  All Hints increased by 14, Records increased by 882, Photos increased by 242, and even stories doubled!

These big increases are a result of adding new people to my Ancestry Tree or fixing people’s facts so that the profile is more accurate resulting in more matches.

I turned Member Trees off this week.  I don’t attach those to my ancestor’s profiles anymore because I’ve seen several times where the information was inaccurate which stunted my own progress.  I’m still going back through and removing all of the trees I’ve attached in the past and removing the inaccurate facts associated with them.

September 29 – October 5

Last week, I focused primarily on the Buchanan line and their wives.  This is the line I’m most interested in completing because of the Buchanan Ancestry book claiming we are related to the former President James Buchanan.  Not that it’s something to be particularly proud of, he was the worst president in history, but it would be cool to have such a notable relation.

This week, I wanted to process the spouses families from last week.  While I did the Buchanan Ancestor and their spouse, I hadn’t done the parents and siblings of the spouse.  So this week I’m focusing on the parents of the spouses… as well as a couple remaining Buchanan’s.

I researched the following new people in order this week:

Now I know that isn’t a super long list, but I wanted to focus on just one line and these are the last remaining people in that line.  I didn’t want to start a new line mid-week, so instead, I created a few family history posts.

I have not published posts for all of these folks yet, but as I do, I will come back to this page and update the links to them.

The family history posts I created this week were for the following families:

Plan Going Forward

In my previous Progress post, I laid out a plan for continuing my research.  I need an organized plan in order to get all of this done in a systematic way.

I planned to focus on direct ancestors and their spouses.  That is still the plan going forward.  Just to clarify, the spouses of direct ancestors are usually also direct ancestors, as are their parents.

I’m only saying Direct Ancestors and their spouses to make it clear that I’m researching a couple, not just one individual ancestor.

I got as far back as I could on the Buchanan line this week, so next week I intend to start on the Black family.

Extra Credit

I did work on one of my other activities to advance my genealogical experience a little bit further.  While these tasks certainly aren’t necessary for every family historian, they are tasks that I find beneficial and therefore I would recommend to anybody pursuing their own ancestry.

  • Grave Hunting
  • Grave Tagging
  • Training Courses

Start Your Free Family Tree

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Find A Grave Memorials

I try to conclude each person’s story with their burial.  I do this because the burial represents their resting place.  I have found that the Find A Grave website has been an invaluable asset in finding out where my ancestors are resting and obtaining photos of their headstones.

Search Kris M.’s cemetery records at by entering a surname and clicking search:

Restrict search to


I went out and did a lot of Grave Tagging last year and so I have pictures that I will be working on creating Memorials for on Find A Grave.  But right now they are saved up on Billion Graves so I’m working on saving them to my local computer so that I can upload them to Find A Grave when I create the memorials.

This year, I’ve helped 8,298 people so far find their ancestors by tagging graves and transcribing headstones.  This is my way of giving back, I’m super proud to be able to help.

I am officially no a role now, getting things done and posts created for each ancestor.  I think I’ve completely gotten over the hurdle of trying to pick up where I left off and get the ball rolling again.  Now it’s just a matter of keeping the momentum going.

With that…it’s time to start the week!

Take care and hug your loved ones,


In an effort to be transparent to our visitors, please understand that we may get small commissions from purchases made through the links in this article. Please review our full disclosure at the very bottom left side of this page.

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