Weekly Recap – Sept 15 – 21

How Did I Do This Week?

September 22, 2019

These numbers are still feeling quite overwhelming to me right now.  I don’t know how I will ever work through over 10,000 hints and still find time to do some good research on folks.

I only managed to clear about 20 hints this week despite all of the work I did.  Or maybe I didn’t do as much work as I thought?  Now I’m questioning whether it was a productive week or not!

Well… so let’s take a look at what I accomplished, shall we?

September 15 – 21

This week, most of my focus was on updating the posts and my database for the people that I had already researched and cleared the hints from last week.  Each ancestor post promises that I’ll come back and make updates as I find additional information on that person.  That’s precisely what I did all week.  I also updated the facts in Gramps.

I updated the posts for the following people this week:

Now I know that’s a super long list for just one week, but there weren’t a ton of hints last week on them so there wasn’t much in the way of getting them updated.

I had not published posts for all of these folks yet, so I also started getting those posts created and scheduled for publishing.  Therefore, anybody listed above that isn’t linked to a post will have a link by mid October as I’ve scheduled one post per day to be published.

Plan Going Forward

In my previous Progress post, I mentioned my old plan for getting all of these folks researched in some sort of systematic way.  What I found out this week was that if I don’t focus on one branch at a time, I start getting real confused and spend unnecessary time going back and double checking facts.

Previously, I had planned to start at one generation and research all of the people within that generation.  For example, I started with Viola Mildred Beyl.  Once I’ve done the research on her, I will also research her spouse, children, and siblings.

The problem with doing this is that it will take me forever to get the list of Direct Ancestors built out this way.  And those are the folks I really want to know the most about.

Next I had planned to move on to another person within the same generation.  Again, once I finished that person, I would research their spouse, children, and siblings.  This would include the spouse and children for each of the siblings as well.

I had planned to continue from person to person until I had completed that entire generation.  Only then would I move to the next generation.  But now I’m going to switch it up a bit and focus solely on the direct ancestors for now.  When I’ve gotten the barebones of my tree, by way of direct ancestors, then I will start building out the smaller branches of spouses and children.

That being said, I will be doing my best to keep track of who I need to come back to later on.

Extra Credit

I did not do any of my extra credit activities this week.  I like to do them sometimes in an effort to advance my genealogical experience a little bit further.

While these tasks certainly aren’t necessary for every family historian, they are tasks that I find beneficial and therefore I would recommend to anybody pursuing their own ancestry.

  • Genealogy Training
  • Grave Hunting
  • Grave Tagging

It’s been a pretty busy week with getting all of the posts updated and figuring out how I want to proceed.  But I think I’ve got a good handle on things at this point.

With that…it’s time to start the week!

Take care and hug your loved ones,


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