Weekly Recap – October 6 – 12 2019

How Did I Do This Week?


I’m noticing lately that the more work I do processing hints and ancestors, the more hints I’m getting.  Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong.  Maybe the goal shouldn’t be to get to zero hints.

I know I processed a lot of hints these past few weeks, and yet I have 23 more hints today than I had this time last week.  I have a whopping 957 more records to sort through than I did last week, 202 more photos and almost 50 more stories!

I’m more convinced now than ever that I’ll never get my hints down to zero.  The only way would be for me to hit so many roadblocks that I run out of people to research.  I don’t see that happening for a very long time.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

October 6 – 12

This week, I wanted to delve into the Black and Mack families.  I didn’t know much about either starting off, but I knew one of the ancestors personally and I adore her personality.  I wanted to learn more about where she came from.  What made her who she was?

So I focused on processing hints and creating posts for those two lines this week.

I researched the following new people in order:

It’s not a super long list by any means, but I wanted to take my time and be thorough.  There were quite a few hints to process for these folks.

I have not published posts for all of these folks yet, but as I do, I will come back to this page and update the links to them.

I also researched the family history for a few surnames.

I researched the following surnames:

Plan Going Forward

In a previous Progress post, I laid out a plan for continuing my research.  Having an organized plan helps to get all of this done in a systematic way.

I’m working on researching one surname at a time, and only direct ancestors, going as far back as I can before hitting a roadblock.  Doing it this way will help me keep track of important details better.

Only when I reach a roadblock and can’t get any further back on that line will I start on another surname.

Last week I got as far back as I could on the Black family, I did not do so on the Mack family.  So, this week I will focus on working as far back as I can on the Mack lineage.

With that…it’s time to start the week!

Take care and hug your loved ones,


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