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Weekly Recap – September 29 – October 5 2019

How Did I Do This Week? I felt like I processed a lot of hints this week, but it seems my numbers grew quite a bit!  All Hints increased by 14, Records increased by 882, Photos increased by 242, and even stories doubled! These big increases are a result of adding new people to my Ancestry Tree or fixing people’s facts so that the profile is more accurate resulting in more matches. I turned Member Trees off this week.  I […]

Weekly Recap – Sept 22 – 28 2019

How Did I Do This Week? I managed to clear a whopping 93 hints this week, not too bad for one week.  It’s still overwhelming to have more than 10,000 to go though. I cleared 63 records, and 31 family trees.  I remove the member trees completely because they tend to have inaccurate information and duplicate people that muddies up my tree.  I don’t want that.  I want to make sure I’ve verified everything I have personally, so I refuse […]

Mathilde Eugenie Gaillard

Mathilde Gaillard married Nickolaus Biver in Paris, France on 3 Aprvil 1892, according to their marriage certificate.  Her father’s name was Andre Gaillard and her mother was Rosalie Legan. Clemen Biver, Nikolaus and Mathilde’s son, was born 7 November 1892.  His death certificate has a typo on it stating that he was born in 1960, but that is actually the year he passed. According to his marriage certificate, Clemen re-married on 24 June 1943 in Elizabeth City, Virginia.  At the […]

Nicolas Biver

Nicolas Biver was born on 2 February 1833 in Launstroff, France according to the Declaration of Citizenship from France.  His name was spelled Nicolas, according to that document. In 1872, Nicolas received his Déclarations de Citoyenneté (Declaration of Citizenship) from France.  He was 39 years old at the time. On 3 April 1892, Nicolas Biver married Mathilde Eugénie Gaillard according to Publications des bans de mariage de Paris et Ancienne Seine, 1860 à 1902.  Nicolas’ father was Jean Pierre Biver […]

Weekly Recap – Sept 15 – 21

How Did I Do This Week? These numbers are still feeling quite overwhelming to me right now.  I don’t know how I will ever work through over 10,000 hints and still find time to do some good research on folks. I only managed to clear about 20 hints this week despite all of the work I did.  Or maybe I didn’t do as much work as I thought?  Now I’m questioning whether it was a productive week or not! Well… […]

Lela Marie Maurer

Lela Marie Maurer was born in Kentucky on 29 September 1890 according to an ancestry family tree.  Lela lived at 2214 Lytle Alley, Jefferson County, Kentucky in 1900 with her parents and siblings.  She was 9 years old at the time.  Her father was Peter Maurer, born July 1857, 42 years old.  Her mother was Hannah E. King, born December 1864, 35 years old.  Her siblings were:  Nora F. J. born 26 April 1886, 14 years old; Katie born September […]

Stephen Guntermann

Stephen A Guntermann was born in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky on 13 September 1889, according to Ancestry.com.  In 1900, Stephen lived at 1214 Baxter(?) Ave. with his mother, brother, sister, and a boarder, according to the 1900 Census.  His mother was Elizabeth Guntermann, she was born April of 1853 and was a 47 year old widow at this time.  She mothered 7 children, but only 4 of them were living.  Elizabeth was born in Kentucky.  Her parents were both born […]

Martine Belle App

Mattie was born on 21 September 1874.  Mattie lived with her parents and siblings in 1880 at 320 Nineteenth St., Jefferson, Kentucky.  Her father, Frederic (age 53) was a Machinist born in Bayern.  Her mother, Bernedine (age 48) kept the home and was born in Oldenberg.  All of Mattie’s siblings were born in Kentucky.  They were: Emile (age 25), Kate (age 24), Sizzie (age 22, a Milliner), Mary (age 18, a Saleslady in a store), Sophia (age 16, Learning Milliner’s […]

Henry Claude Miller

Henry Claude was born about 1873 in Kentucky according to the 1920 and 1930 Census records.  His son, Thurman, was born in 1908 in Kentucky. His son, Charles Bertram, was born in 5 April 1910 in Kentucky, according to Kentucky, Birth Records, 1847-1911.  He was listed on his birth record as Charles B.  He was born to H. Claude Miller and Mattie B. App.  Claude was a solicitor for an Insurance Company at the time and lived at 2513 Greenwood […]

Mary Augusta Piquet

Documented History Mary Augusta Piquet was born 10 January 1903, according to Virginia, Death Records, 1912-2014. She arrived to the United States via ship from Le Havre, France to New York, New York on 1 October 1921 according to New York, Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957.  She was 18 years old at the time and arrived with her husband, Clemens Clarence Biver.  The ship they arrived on was named Paris. Death According to Virginia, […]