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Weekly Recap – September 29 – October 5 2019

How Did I Do This Week? I felt like I processed a lot of hints this week, but it seems my numbers grew quite a bit!  All Hints increased by 14, Records increased by 882, Photos increased by 242, and even stories doubled! These big increases are a result of adding new people to my Ancestry Tree or fixing people’s facts so that the profile is more accurate resulting in more matches. I turned Member Trees off this week.  I […]

Weekly Recap – Sept 22 – 28 2019

How Did I Do This Week? I managed to clear a whopping 93 hints this week, not too bad for one week.  It’s still overwhelming to have more than 10,000 to go though. I cleared 63 records, and 31 family trees.  I remove the member trees completely because they tend to have inaccurate information and duplicate people that muddies up my tree.  I don’t want that.  I want to make sure I’ve verified everything I have personally, so I refuse […]

Weekly Recap – Sept 15 – 21

How Did I Do This Week? These numbers are still feeling quite overwhelming to me right now.  I don’t know how I will ever work through over 10,000 hints and still find time to do some good research on folks. I only managed to clear about 20 hints this week despite all of the work I did.  Or maybe I didn’t do as much work as I thought?  Now I’m questioning whether it was a productive week or not! Well… […]

Where I Left Off…

Where Was I? My hints have grown exponentially over the last two years and I’ve not done very much work on it at all. I’m not real sure where all of the new hints came from but I more than tripled how many people were on my tree somehow.  I am noticing that there are tons of photos for some Gunterman folks that were just recently added as hints.  Perhaps that accounts for a lot of this new information. As […]

Weekly Recap – March 27 – April 2, 2017

What’s New This Week? My hints have increased a bit this week but I was able to work through enough that they didn’t increase significantly. One major obstacle with the hints is that for each person you research, you wind up finding a wife and several children.  Finding multiple people adds several more hints to work through. As I find these additional people, I add them to my list of people to research.  Naturally, as I research those people, I will work […]

Weekly Recap – March 6-26, 2017

Where I Started When I started this website, I had already been working on my family tree on Ancestry.com for several years.  The problem was that I started off as a beginner and I did a few things I wish I hadn’t done. For example, I attached a lot of personal family trees to my own thinking that it was getting me further in my research.  I guess you could say it was a shortcut.  But it led to many […]