Stiglet Family History

Surname Origin

The House of Names does not yet have information on the origins of the surname Stiglet. At this time, it is not known where the surname originated. Perhaps it was derived from other similar surnames.  Click to learn more about the family history.

Stiglet Family History

Initially, I always check the site to see what information they have. With only 380 historical documents loaded on the Ancestry site, it’s clear that there isn’t much documented about this surname yet. But every little bit helps at this point.


The House of Names does not have information on the origins of this surname and their activity before migrating over to America just yet. This may not have been a distinguished family with many prominent in social, cultural, religious and political affairs.

1920 Stiglet Population in the United States

There was only one Stiglet family living in the United States by 1920 and they resided in the state of Mississippi.


Currently, there isn’t any verifiable information that tells me what the Stiglet families held for occupations. I will have to research this a bit further.

Life Expectancy

Early on, life expectancy for Stiglet’s was below that of the general population at 24 years in 1950. It did surpass the life expectancy of the general population for a short bit being at 91 years in 1997. But Stiglet life expectancy dropped back down to 64 years in 1999, below the general population by a few years.

Stiglet Life Expectancy

Family Members I’ve Found So Far

I still have a lot of work to do here. It’s hard to find information on this surname so far but rest assured I will keep working and be back to update this page as I find additional information.

Have you found any Stiglet’s in your family tree yet? I would love to know what jobs the held, what were their occupations? When did they immigrate to America? Why did they come over? Where did they come from? I have so many questions!

Happy Searching!


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