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Hi there, I’m Kris!  I was born in 1978 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I come from a very large family but have sadly lost contact with almost all of them.

I consider myself the family historian, self taught.  I’ve always wondered what other family members that I hadn’t met or don’t remember were like.  I’ve always wanted to know their stories.  Why did this guy leave a family of ten kids and why did this guy drop his son in an orphanage sort of thing.

While researching my family’s history, I have found some efforts from other family members that have helped in developing a pretty extensive family tree with a ton of useful facts to help me with my research.  Due to recent generations having much family dysfunction, I don’t know most of my family and I’ve found that when I stumble upon various stories in my research, it’s fascinating!

Why so much family dysfunction?  Well, my mom says,

Someone peed in our gene pool!

…okay so maybe that’s not the best excuse.  But I’m happy to report that the dysfunction we saw in the last few generations has since been reversed with my generation.

So anyway, I’m starting this website because I’ve found that researching genealogy is extremely overwhelming at times.  For example, as I sit here typing this page, this is what ancestry.com says I still need to review and document:


Looks at all those hints!


When I think I’ve made a lot of progress, numbers like that provide that little reality check to remind me that I will never finish this mission.  It will continue to be unfinished after I die.  And maybe a hundred generations from now, somebody will still be working on it somewhere and will thank me in a soft whisper for all of my hard work.

I created this site for a few different reasons.  While Ancestry and other subscription sites have been great with helping me gather information and such, I have very little control over how it’s organized.  I have some OCD tendencies and I have ADHD and need things organized certain ways for optimal focus.  By doing it myself, I can organize it however I wish.  Also, perhaps some of my distant relatives don’t pay subscription sites and rely on Google or Bing instead.  If they stumble across my website, we can tag up and compare notes!  Being the things on the Internet are never truly deleted, perhaps future generations will find this website helpful and will get some of our personalities out of it.  That is why we do this stuff after all, isn’t it?

Now, all of that being said, I must give my disclaimer.  I’m obviously still alive.  As are my immediate family members and our children.  For safety reasons, I will be starting with a specific generation of our family and going back.  I will only be providing personal details on people that are no longer with us.  Safety first.  So if you are related in some distant fashion and you’d like more information than what I’ve provided, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me.  I can be reached at kris@someonepeedinmygenepool.com.

Thanks for your interest in little ol’ me!


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