Mathilde Eugenie Gaillard

Documented History

Mathilde Gaillard married Nickolaus Biver in Paris, France on 3 Aprvil 1892, according to their marriage certificate.  Her father’s name was Andre Gaillard and her mother was Rosalie Legan.

Clemen Biver, Nikolaus and Mathilde’s son, was born 7 November 1892.  His death certificate has a typo on it stating that he was born in 1960, but that is actually the year he passed.

According to his marriage certificate, Clemen re-married on 24 June 1943 in Elizabeth City, Virginia.  At the time, he was 50 years old and married 45 year old Margaret Evers.  They were both widowers with a previous marriage each.  Margaret’s maiden name was Ryan.  Her father was John Henry Ryan and her mother was Ella McGuff.  She worked at a hospital in Indianapolis, the city where she was born.

Mathilde’s son, Clemen Biver, died on 8 September 1960 at 67 years old, according to his Death Certificate.  He was married and he was a mail carrier when he died.  The certificate listed his father as Nickolaus Biver and his mother as Maria Hillard which matches the pronunciation of her name in French.  The informant of his death was his daughter, Marguerite Biver.

I obviously haven’t found much information at all on Mathilde. I am hoping to do a deep dive on her fairly soon and find additional information. But if you knew of her, I’d love to hear what you know. Please leave the details in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to share them on this page.

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