Louis Aloysius Miller Sr.

Documented History

Louis Aloysius Miller Sr. was born 10 July 1911 in Jefferson County, Kentucky, USA, per Kentucky, Birth Index, 1911-1999. His mother’s name was Mattie App.

LAMS 1920 US Federal Census

LAMS 1920 US Federal Census

Louis Aloysius Miller Sr. Lived at 4715 Fourth Street, Allison County, Jefferson, Kentucky in 1920 according to the 1920 Census. He was 8 years old and lived with his parents, Claude and Mattie Miller. Claude was 48, Mattie was 48, and both were born in Kentucky. Mattie’s parents were born in Germany. Claude worked in dry cleaning in 1920. Louis’ brothers were Thurman Miller (age 11) and Bertram Miller (age 9).

LAMS 1930 US Federal Census

LAMS 1930 US Federal Census

In 1930, Louis lived at 2032 Lakeside Drive in Allison County, Jefferson, Kentucky. He was 18 years old and lived with his parents and both brothers. Louis was 18, Bertram was 20, Thurman was 22, Mattie was 55 and Claude was 57. Mattie was 30 and Claude was 32 when they got married. So they would have been married in 1905. In 1930, Louis was not employed. Bertram was an electrician at an electric shop. Claude was a manager at Dye Works. Claude owned the home and the value of the home was approximately $8,000.

According to U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995, Louis lived at 611 S. Shelby, Louisville, Kentucky with his wife Mary Miller in 1992. This was the same year their son, Louis Aloysius Jr., was born.  That said, I’m not 100% positive this is the same Louis and Mary because Mary’s middle initial in the city directory is I, not K, and Louis’ middle initial isn’t listed.  The Ancestry site seems to think it is the same couple, though, so we’ll go with it for now.

611 Shelby

According to U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, Louis A Miller was married to Mary K Gunterman and they had a child named Louis Aloyius Miller.

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Really…this is all I’ve been able to find on him. I know…very disappointing. I have found several records for Luis/Louis A. Miller but I am unable to verify that these records are for the same guy. Many family trees have mixed these records with records for a Louis Albert Miller. Naturally, I will come back and update this page as I find additional information for Louis.

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