Indirect Ancestors

What is an Indirect Ancestor?

Spouses, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. would not be considered direct-line ancestors.  They would be considered collateral-line ancestors, or indirect ancestors.

While the primary focus of my genealogical research right now is on direct ancestors, often times indirect ancestors will play a key role in busting through genealogical brick walls.

Researching indirect ancestors can prove beneficial for several different purposes, especially if any of them are also into genealogical research or family history.

I happened to luck out with a 3rd cousin on my paternal great grandfather’s line that has done a ton of research already and reached out to me to collaborate on the lineage we share.

Also, sometimes you could stumble upon records or photos where an indirect ancestor will give you new leads on your direct line.  For example, I found several Census records recently where a child of one of the fathers I was researching lived with several different siblings throughout his life.  Another record showed a father living with his son after the son had already married and had children.



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My Indirect Ancestors

The following lists all of the ancestors I’ve found so far. The names that are bolded and italicized are my direct ancestors, so that you can see the relationships to the indirect ancestors.

Applegate Family

I’ve only just begun researching the Applegate family.  


I have just recently started delving into indirect ancestors to try and push through a brick wall with the Beyl family


Biver Family

I haven’t gotten very far in researching the Biver family just yet.


Buchanan Family

I’ve only just begun researching the Buchanan family.  


Guntermann Family

I’ve only just begun researching the Guntermann family.


I’ve only just begun researching the Miller family.

This list is obviously far from done. As I continue my research, I will be adding posts with new family members and details that will be linked to from here.

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