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Organization is very important to me when it comes to genealogy research.  When get deep into documentation for an ancestor, sometimes it’s easy to forget which line I’m researching.  I determined early on that I would need to color code the four main genealogical lines in order to keep things straight.

Next, I developed some color coded worksheets to help keep track of which line they belong to while I’m researching.  And now, I’m happy to share these worksheets with you!  Check out what I’ve done:

Genealogy Printable – Letter Size – 57 Page Color Coded Genealogy Journal

Organize your ancestor details more efficiently with these highly detailed, color-coded Ancestor Details & Documents Tracker pages. The pages are full letter size and can be hole punched and used in any full-size binder. I use my personal pages in a full-size Disc bound journal.  This first deal includes all of the pages shown and listed below…the full planner.

The four colors used are green, blue, red, and yellow to correspond with the colored file folders made by Pendaflex. This helps to easily differentiate between your lineage while gathering details about your ancestor.

Genealogy Printable – Letter Size – Color Coded Ancestor Details & Documents Tracker Pages

On these pages, you will have sections to document the following:
– Ancestor Name & Nickname
– Maternal or Paternal option
– Ancestral ID
– Relationship to you
– Vital Statistics
– Marriages
– Siblings
– Children
– Residences
– Documents
– Favorite Story / Quote
– 5 spots for pictures

Genealogy Printable – Letter Size – Color Coded Family Tree & DNA Worksheets

On these pages, you will have sections to document the following:
– Ancestor Marriage Information
– Census Year & Location for each Census Record
– Household Members per Census Record
– DNA Circle Information from
– Family Group Members
– DNA Matches
– Relationship to You
– Relationship to Ancestor
– Ethnicity Estimate by Country / Region in Percentage
– Ethnicity Map
– Family Pedigree
– Timeline of Life Events

Genealogy Printable – Letter Size – Color Coded Research Logs & Notes Pages

On these pages, you will have sections to document the following:
– Ancestor Leads & Sources
– Research Notes
– Specific Objectives
– Findings
– Documents Ordered
– Date Documents were Received
– Ideas
– Research Analysis
– Time Spent Researching
– Research Discoveries
– Action Items

Genealogy Printable – Letter Size – Color Coded Grave Record Pages

On these pages, you will have sections to document the following:
– Ancestor Name
– Cemetery
– Directions to Get There
– Date Visited
– Description of Headstone
– Inscription
– Marker / Lot Number
– Where Burial Data Came From
– Marriage Date
– Maiden Name
– Surnames of Adjacent Headstones
– Blank Map
– Age At Death
– GPS of Location
– Hebrew Dates (if any)
– Faith Emblem
– Military Transcription
– Memorial ID Number
– Memorial Manager
– Photo Requestor


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Tools I Didn’t Create

My Hints on Ancestry

My Hints on Ancestry

Family Tree Sites

I’ve only experimented with a few tools so far.  I started off at  This was the first and only site I had heard of that provided services for genealogical research.  And since I was just starting out, it was perfect for me.

I used to begin entering the details I knew into a family tree.  From there, my tree just exploded with hints.  And I’ve been trying to get through and confirm each of the hints ever since.

If you’d like to get started, just enter your details in the box above and click search to get started with ancestry today!


Family Tree Software

Family Tree Maker

So far, I’ve tried 3 different software programs to try and document my genealogy.  I like to try different tools until I find the one that’s perfect (or as I close as I can get) for me.  I’m a special snowflake after all.  A picky one at that.

The first one I tried was Family Tree Maker by  This tool was an offline database that would sync with your family tree on the site but would allow you to work offline.

However, Ancestry has announced that they are no longer going to be promoting and supporting Family Tree Maker so I suspect that I don’t want to get too much more involved with it and risk having a huge database issue that I can’t get support for.





Next I tried Gramps.  Gramps is a free, open sourced software created by genealogists for genealogists.

Open sourced software allows people to customize the software and create add ins that will get the software to do various things they need…if they have the coding skills to create those add ins.

I actually just started using Gramps about a week ago.  So far, I’m in love with it.  It is very user friendly and has many functionalities that I haven’t seen at other sites.

I has a pretty simplistic user interface that doesn’t seem too terribly complicated to learn and is totally customizable.  You can add and remove any functionalities that you wish based on whether you find them helpful or not for how you work on your genealogy.


Roots Magic

Roots Magic

Roots Magic

Roots Magic is very similar to Family Tree Maker and Gramps in that it allows you to enter your research details and family tree research into an offline database.  It has a lot of functionality, much of which I haven’t tried to use yet.

Roots Magic can be downloaded from the website, but only some of the more basic features are available in the free version.  You also have the option to purchase the software for a little under $30 which gives you full functionality.

I just purchased this tool about a week ago and am just getting started in it.  But so far, the feature I love the most about is that you have the ability to color code people on your family tree which allows you to easy identify direct ancestors on your tree.


There are many valuable tools that you can use to assist with researching your family history.  I am just now really getting into it so I only have experience with a few so far.

As I find and try more tools, I will provide full product reviews and details right here from this page.  I know it’s always nice to get an idea on how the tool works before purchasing it.

What are your favorite tools for genealogy?  Drop a line in the comments and let me know so I can try it out and write about it!

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