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App Family History

The App surname is derived from the Old English word æpse, meaning aspen. It could be used as a nickname for a timid person, referring to the trembling leaves of a tree, according to House of Names. The name dates back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain and indicates family that lived near notable aspen trees. Ancestry reports it as being English or German. There are over sixty thousand historical documents on Ancestry for this surname. There are census […]

Martine Belle App

Mattie was born on 21 September 1874.  Mattie lived with her parents and siblings in 1880 at 320 Nineteenth St., Jefferson, Kentucky.  Her father, Frederic (age 53) was a Machinist born in Bayern.  Her mother, Bernedine (age 48) kept the home and was born in Oldenberg.  All of Mattie’s siblings were born in Kentucky.  They were: Emile (age 25), Kate (age 24), Sizzie (age 22, a Milliner), Mary (age 18, a Saleslady in a store), Sophia (age 16, Learning Milliner’s […]