App Family History

The App surname is derived from the Old English word æpse, meaning aspen. It could be used as a nickname for a timid person, referring to the trembling leaves of a tree, according to House of Names.

The name dates back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain and indicates family that lived near notable aspen trees. Ancestry reports it as being English or German.

There are over sixty thousand historical documents on Ancestry for this surname. There are census records dating back to the Domesday Book in 1076 in England showing how App family held onto their holdings during the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, unlike many Saxon families in that time.

The App family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920, according to Ancestry. The year 1880 shows the most App families found in the United States.

1840 App Family Population in America

There were 145 App families living in Pennsylvania at the time which was about 35% of all the recorded App’s in America. Pennsylvania had the highest population of App families in 1880.

1920 App Family Population

By 1920 there were 50 App families living in Pennsylvania. This was about 22% of all the recorded App’s in the United States. And Pennsylvania still had the highest population of App families in 1920 followed closely by Ohio.

In 1880, the top 3 reported jobs worked by App family members were Farming, House Keeping, and being Laborers. The most common of which at 34% of all App’s was Farming. Store Clerks were a less common occupation for the App family.

In the UK, the most common App occupation in the UK was Cowman (Dairy) in 1881 with 50% of App’s being Cowmen. The top 2 reported jobs worked by App family members were Cowman and Locksmith.

The life expectancy for the App family was along the same lines as that of the general population…just…in waves. They start off living slightly longer than the general population in 1962 but dip down to mid-fifties by 1966 just to turn around and surpass them again in 2001 at 77 years before falling back down.

I’m not sure what has happened in App family history that has caused such drastic changes in the life expectancy rates, but I do intend to figure it out at some point.

I have a lot of work to do still. These ancestors are several generations back on my family tree so I haven’t researched a whole lot on them just yet. As I do, I will certainly come back here and update this page with my findings. My goal, after all, is to help keep their memories alive by telling their stories.

I would love to learn things about this family like did any of them actually live near notable aspen trees? What kind of labor did they do? When and why did they immigrate to the United States? Did they bring their immediate families with them? Why or why not?

Until next time, happy searching!


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